Introducing the Great War History Blog!

Welcome to the Great War History Blog!

I have some big plans for this site, but as you can see, I am still getting things off the ground. If you have come here to learn about the First World War, I want this site to be a resource for you. I want Great War History to be a place where independent researchers like myself can showcase their work on the First World War.  

Some introductions are in order. My name is Allan Lougheed and I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in History and Literary Studies in 1995. I have been a Master Bombardier in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, and I am an historical re-enactor of the loyalist experience of the American War of Independence. I am not an academic. The research I do on the First World War comes from a life-long passion for military history and a dedication to remembering the soldiers who fought that terrible war.

I have seen the internet flourish as a research tool over the past years. I recall embarking on a research project in 2005, wondering how I would ever find the research materials I needed and whether I would be able to find a publisher. Now in 2012, the materials are more accessible than ever and self-publishing options have exploded. This blog will give me a chance to share some of the experience I have gained about how to research as well as the ups and downs of publishing my own work. I will also take the opportunity to share research that I will not have a chance to include in my published work.

That’s all for now. There will be more to come soon.

Allan Lougheed


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