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Welcome! I am Allan Lougheed, historian and creator of Too Many Heroes, Volume 1: The Translated War Diaries of the 1er and 3e Bataillons de Marche d’Infanterie Légère d’Afrique  From Mobilization to 2nd Ypres. My book is the first of a series that will present the war diaries of French forces at the Second Battle of Ypres. For almost a century, the story of the first chlorine gas attack has been told using English sources, which is too bad, because it means there has been no counter-balance to the denigration of the soldiers who retreated. One of the most important goals of my series is to demonstrate those soldiers were not 2nd rate troops, far from it.

On my blog, I will be posting articles about aspects of the First World War that won’t make it into my published material. I hope you find them interesting and informative. I’m going for quality over quantity and you won’t see updates everyday, so follow me on facebook to stay informed about my new posts.

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